• Michael

Ledger Nano X - Full review

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

We have used it for over a year and here is the final conclusion ...


If you're wondering if the Ledger Nano X hardware wallet is worth buying well this article is for you and I've used it for almost a year now so i can tell you what's good, what needs work and whether I think it's worth the money.

When the Ledger Nano X launched about a year ago I used it a ton so it makes sense for me to give you my thoughts after using it daily for all this time so let's get started with the good stuff:

First of all the Ledger Nano X has been night and day better than the Nano S in terms of stability and user experience especially when updating the firmware which was a huge issue on the Nano S for a lot of people. Both on Ledger live the mobile app and the desktop version. Managing your Nano X device feels like a clearly laid out process and sending transactions is equally as easy.

The Nano X has been a breeze to use and manage apps on and the built-in battery makes it easy for me to take the wallet on the go if needed and I don't have to sit at my desk anymore and plug into my desktop computer to access my wallets which is an underrated feature in my opinion. In the crypto space, the user experience is not often tended to do very well and that's where this wallet really stands out from the perspective of everyday use in my opinion.


You can store up to 100 unique apps on the device at a time which really maximizes the ability for you to manage your entire portfolio of cryptocurrencies all in one place. Personally I have around 15 or 20 apps on here at any given time because but this isn't my only wallet band I have a ton of space left over to work with as I get new cryptocurrencies or if I want to test out new different wallets again. This shows that the Ledger team themselves paid attention to its users and the feedback from the Nano S referring to the storage space itself was not that great but still ok for regular crypto users.

For those two reasons alone I think the Nano X is a huge upgrade over the Nano S and it's well worth the extra money but there's more “on a semi-related note” and I think the wide-ranging coin support on the Nano X is also a huge benefit... there are close to 1300 maybe even more cryptocurrencies supported these days and more keep on coming so for someone that wants something that's easy to use, easy to carry and supports a lot of coins, the Nano X is a compelling option. Finally this is a subtle thing but I really do like that the screen is clearer and larger on this device and it makes everything easier. The pixely tiny screen on the Nano S was pretty tough for me to see clearly and it made reviewing addresses while sending transactions just a bit harder. I couldn't see it very well and the scrolling was too fast, the pixelliness wasn’t that great. The larger screen on the Nano X has a higher resolution and more space to review transactions and manage apps and I love that subtle thing but you get a stack of two different apps on top of each other on the screen versus one though.

Is the Setup easy ?

To set up the device the first time of course you set up your pin, you get your seed phrase generated and you write that bad boy down safely...it takes about 20 seconds but then you have to manually validate the entire 24 word phrase with the clunky buttons on the device this is a one-time thing and I understand that it's done like this for security purposes so you don't ham hand your seed phrase and wind up losing your crypto. It’s more optimized for the tiny controls on the device connectivity wise though I didn't have any issues connecting bluetooth during the setup process. That being said let's address the elephant in the room and that is bluetooth. When the Nano X was announced, the factions started to form... as usual but I think this is not unique to the crypto space though. You had one side of the arena who lambasted Ledger for including bluetooth which they viewed as a glaring security hole and then the other side of the arena who didn't mind it or really preferred that feature.

Bluetooth Security and practicality:

Let's get down to the brass here but first of all we have yet to see a notable provable bluetooth related hack on the Nano X in one year or more of existence. That's good news and in my book all the people who said we'd see all sorts of hacking occur as a result of bluetooth well...it just didn't materialize that way and secondly the bluetooth feature itself does not expose the private keys or other secrets on your hot or internet connected mobile device. It's simply there to receive the raw transaction to your nano and return the signed transaction back to your device and then see confirmations from your device for different actions. At no point in time is your key exposed over bluetooth. So think about it this way your raw transaction and your signed transaction are already hitting the open web this is nothing new. This basically harkens back to the user experience point and that's the core idea behind this device.

Practical and secure

I’m not anchored to my desktop computer when I want to use my cryptocurrency so that's positive! The final point i'll make here on the security model with bluetooth is that every action like signing sending a transaction etc requires physical confirmations from the user on the Nano S itself where the keys reside alone before continuing this way so a man in the middle attack is mitigated in a lot of ways by physical user intervention. I understand the fundamental concerns here about bluetooth but in practice I haven't seen anything that indicates that this has been or will be exploited in any provable way except for physical hardware attacks which many wallets aren't secure from anyway. Maintain physical access to your wallet

at all times and it does the trick.

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