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Good news for Bitland's customers

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

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Update (September 2019)*

Bank Transfers have now two options :

- Local Israeli Bank

- SEPA bank transfer to our second London Bank

A long time waiting to enable back Bank Transfers:

We are currently reaching to all of our customers that have been waiting for such a long time to purchase Bitcoins and other currencies from us with Bank Transfer. This is a pilot project and we will work closely with all of the customers to make it an easy experience.

Place an order and pay by Bank Transfer easily:

Once you place your order on our website, you will see the bank details to transfer the amount you want to purchase Bitcoin for or other currencies of your choice.

Remember, this is an international bank account which means we only accept USD$ dollars in transfers.

Once you are in your online banking, you will be asked to choose a currency, please choose USD and your bank will automatically exchange your ILS to USD based on their rate.

Thanks to all of our customers that have been loyal to us since day one :-)

If you need help in your transfer, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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