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BitLand Launches in Israel

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

BitLand LTD finally launches in Israel. The team behind the crypto-currency start-up is already known in the high tech industry and is now up and running.

Their goals:

1 - Buy and Sell Bitcoins to keep up with the Israel demand and momentum.

2 - Offer courses to teach and grow the Bitcoin community

3 - Provide perfect customer service and efficient transactions.


BitLand LTD acts as a cryptocurrency exchange on one part and do not store your Bitcoins which makes our website not vulnerable to hacking attacks. BitLand immediately exchanges the money or Bitcoins coming our way and transmitted to the client. It is an OTC transaction (over the counter). Money is handed in and exchange is directly completed. The fact that BitLand do not store the client's money over time reduces drastically the risk.

Experienced Team:

Let us welcome the BitLand team with open arms as we surely need t

hem to provide the growing market of Bitcoin and Altcoins more service in our area.

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